Highland Gun Club - Nova Sporting Series - Shoot # 3

Although the day started of gray and dull with the threat of rain, all ended well.

99 shooters  made up 22 squads to compete in the third of four Nova Series Shoots.

All scores are listed below from highest on down. Where did you place?

Winners Circle

HOA (High Over All) for today was Mike Sabean  with 89 of 100 targets broken.

1st. Place A Class, Leonard Haughn with 89 targets to his credit.

Note: Tie scores are decided by the longest run or string of hits a shooter has.

2nd. Place A Class, Jason Thomas with 88 Targets.

Top Lady,  Alisha Hines with 77 Targets.

Top Senior,  Alvin Boudreau with 77 Targets

1st. Place B Class,  Jim Dauphinee with 76 Targets

2nd. Place B Class,   Bryan Crossman with 75 Targets

Top Junior,   Tristan Titus with 75 Targets

1st. Place C Class,  Kevin Snow with 69 Targets

2nd. Place C Class,   Chris Rafuse with 69 Targets

1st. Place D Class,  Josh Burns with59 Targets

2nd. Place D Class,  Danny Rafuse with 59 Targets

The winner of Draw for the Event Gun, a Winchester Wildcat , 22 lr, semi-auto

was Harvey Flemming. Thanks to Danny and Lequille Country Store for their continued support.

Prize money can be claimed at the next Shoot or by emailing me your address

Please take note that

Classes are determined by scores using the Lewis System.

Sub-Classes are Age or Gender related. If you wish to shot in a 

in a sub-class and meet the requirements below please advise us by email or at the next shoot you attend.

Junior, under the age of 18. ( at 18 you should have a PAL)

Senior, 65 years or older. ( at 65 the Government send you a check )

Lady, must be 18 or older, those under 18 shoot as a junior.