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Nova Sporting Series- 2023- Yarmouth Edition

Sunday, July 23

112 Shooters made the trip to Weymouth to shoot the last of a four event Sporting Clay's Series.

( It was to be held in Yarmouth back early June, the worst wild fires in  NS History were raging and that shoot was postponed. Due to the combination of events they were unable to host this year, so it was mover to Weymouth.)

The day started out overcast with the sun making it's way out by Noon with just enough breeze to make it a great day for all.

Again we thank Danny, Michelle and the Lequille Country Store for all their support and help.

Please take a minute or two to look over the shooters that attended and any prizes they may have won.

High Over All (HOA) for the day went to Brian MacLeod scoring 92 of 100 breaks.

Top Lady for the Day was Tammy Murphy scoring 68 of her 100 targets.

Top Senior for the was Peter Pattison with 86 breaks.

Top junior today was Ashton Gillis with 74 broken.

These Top of Class Winners were presented "Yetti" Mugs or Bottles.


1st. Place in A Class ... Anthony Wambolt scoring 91.

2nd. Place A Class...Jody Baker scoring 90.

3rd. Place A Class.. Daniel Cogging scoring 89.

1st. Place B Class...Brian Mason scoring 72 (longest run 28).

2nd. Place B Class...Mark Amero scoring 72 (longest run 20).

3rd. Place B Class... Tyler Weaver scoring 78 (longest run 39).

1st. Place C Class...David MacLaren  scoring 72 (LR 17).

2nd. Place C Class... Colbrun scoring 72 (LR 13).

3rd. Place C Class...Matt LeBlanc scoring 72 (LR 11).

1st. Place D Class...Colin LeBlanc scoring 62.

2nd. Place D Class...Len Myers scoring 61.

3rd. Place D Class...Jay Ellis scoring 60 (LR11,7).

Ties are determined by the LR or Longest Run (the highest number of consecutive breaks)

The names of the Class Winners that stayed until the end of day were entered into a draw for table prizes.

The event Gun a Winchester Wildcat 22 lr. was won by Michelle Brown  

The Yetti Cooler was won by Collin Rhind. 

The Hunting Knife & Sheaf went to Cody Dent.

The Binoculars went to Chad Ellis.

The 2023 Shooter of the Year Award was won by Anthony Wambolt

Along with having his name on the  SOTY  Plaque he was awarded a Thermos Unit.

The Grand Prize.

A Browning Over & Under 12 gauge Sporting Shotgun

Complete with a Presentation Style Hard Case.

and the winner was Winston Dominie. 

Winston is the first double winner as this was his second Grand Prize win.

All shooters with scores and placings are listed below.

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