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What a change in the Weather hey!

The good side of things, it did not rain.

Despite the weather forecast calling for rain, we had 120 grit their teeth and say I am going anyway. Thank,To you all.

HOA for the day Steve Hutt with a score of 87/100.

Top Senior, Alvin Brian MacLeod with 77 Breaks for the day.

Top lady, Shirley Oickle with 71 Broken Birds.

Top Junior,  Ashton Gillis scoring 70 of 100 targets.

A Class Winners

                                                    A-1 Joe Colman

                                                    A-2 Andrew Weaver

                                                    A-3 Alvin Boudreau

                                                  B-Class Winners

                                                   B-1 Steve Whitman

                                                   B-2 Tim Cruikshank

                                                   B-3 Darrel Whitman

                                                 C- Class Winners

                                                  C-1 Jim Daulphinee

                                                  C-2 Wanda Starratt

                                                  C-3 Joe Wells

                                               D-Class Winners

                                                 D-1Tammy Ward

                                                 D-2 Ron Foster

                                                 D-3 Herbie Nickerson

                                               Prize Winners

The Hunting Knife and Sheath by draw, Mike Forsythe

The Shoot Event Gun, A Winchester Wildcat 22 LR,

was won by  Darrell Beniot

Table prizes were drawn for the die hards that

remained to until the end of the day.

Thanks again to every one, worker or shooter.

And a special one to Mom and Dad for looking after the food.

and our sponsors Lequille Country Store.

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