119 Shooters Competed, in the second of four Nova Sporting Series Shoots,  at the Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club this past Sunday.

The day started out a little wet however by the time the shooters took to the course things had brightened up and remained nice for the rest of the day. 

The scores are all listed below, please check your standing.

The winners circle and associated prizes are also found in the list below.

HOA, high over all, with 83 of 100 targets broken Steve Murphy.

In the event of tie, as is the case here, the scores our reviewed and the shooter with the longest run of hits is declared the winner.

1st. Place A Class    Brian Macleod also 83 targets.

2nd. Place A Class   Jason Thomas,  82 targets.

Top Senior for the day  Alvin Boudreau, 76 targets. 

Top Lady for the day    Alisha Hines, 71 targets.

1st Place B Class     Mike Sabean, 70 targets.

2nd. Place B Class   Chris Rafuse, 70 targets.

1st. Place C Class  Bryan Crossman,  62 targets.

2nd. Place C Class    Dale Harrison,  62 targets.

Top Junior Shooter     Matthieu LeBlanc,  54 targets.

1st. Place D Class     Michelle Brown, 48 targets.

2nd. Place D Class   Tristan Titus,  48 targets.

The draw for the event gun a Winchester "Wildcat" 22lr supplied by Lequille Country Store was won, by Rick Devine


Prize winners can claim prizes at the next Novs Sporting Event or by sending you address to