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AVSSC May 15, 2022,

Second Shoot of the Nova Sporting Series

Although the weather was overcast,119 shooters showed up to challenge the course at the Kentville Club. 

The HOA ( High Over All) for the shoot went to Anthony Wambolt.

Anthony broke 89 of a possible 100 targets and that also won him a $100.00 gift certificate from Lequille Country Store.

High Senior today was  Brian MacLeod with a score of 79.    $75.00 Gift certificate

High Lady today was  Tammy Murphy with a score of 69.   $75.00 Gift Certificate

Todays high junior was Colburn Condon with 73 broken targets.  $75.00 Gift Certificate.

The break down for classes resulted in ties in all cases. See below.

Eight Class prizes were drawn for from the shooters

in the classes, and who remained to the end.

The Wildcat semiauto 22 rimfire rifle went to Joey Donovan, By Draw.

The Browning Sheath Knife was by draw, and was won by Ron Foster

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