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This year due to construction issues at the Kentville  Club "AVSSC", the second shoot of the Series was held at the Lunenburg Club "LRGC".  Many thanks to the Lunenburg Club  for making their range available so the Series could continue as scheduled. 

Strong wind and heavy rain did not deter 99 brave shooters from taking part in the second of four Nova Sporting Series events held on Sunday May 21the LRGC range in Lunenburg.

The top shooter for the event (HOA) was Anthony Wambolt despite the wind and rain Anthony broke 86 of a possible 100 targets. Well Done.

Top Female for the day, Tammy Murphy with 63 breaks.

Top junior went to Tristan Titus with 55 broken targets.

Top Senior for the day, Brian MacLeod with 75 breaks.

The four classes A, B, C & D were divide in accordance with the "Lewis System".

Just a brief explanation of the numbers following the names.

                                                             Tom Tookalook            100                          30               -             20

                                                             Shooter name              score                 longest run       2nd longest run

We use Longest Runs to break ties. And there are a lot of ties, check the scores below.

A Class      1 St. Place      Darrell Whitman    82

                                                                 2 Nd. Place     Brian Lewis             79 - 19

                                                                 3 Rd. Place      Mike Forsythe       79  - 13


                                              B Class      1 St. Place      Colburn Condon     68 - 14

                                                                                              2 Nd. Place     Jim Dauphine         68 - 11

                                                                  3 Rd. Place     Riley  King               68 -10

                                              C Class       1 St. Place      Chris LeBlanc         62 - 11 

                                                                   2 Nd. Place     Jay Ellis                   62 - 9

                                                                   3 Rd. Place     Kevin Slaunwhite 62 - 7

                                             D Class        1 St. Place       Gordon Busche     71 - 8 - 7

                                                                   2 Nd. Place      Allison Coggins    71 - 8 - 5

                                                                   3 Rd. Place      Ron Foster             70 - 7

The 22 Winchester Wildcat 22LR Rimfire Rifle went to Shooter # 50, Alvin Boudreau.

The draw for the Knife and sheath went to shooter # 720, Nate Brown

The Yarmouth shoot, Saturday June 10Th.  is filling up fast

Book your spot now.    

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