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Nova Series -Lunenburg -May 01, 2022

We are please to announce that 111 shooters, attended the series opener. Comments from the shooters and the scores show that the course was well designed and approved of by all. Thanks to Lunenburg for your hard work.

Top score for the shoot was actually a tie with 91 of a possible 100 targets broken. Shawn d'Entremont and  Steve Murphy  turned in scores of 91. To come up with a winner ,as is our way of settling ties, we went to the longest run ( the largest number  of targets broken without a miss ). Steve came out the victor with 43 consecutive hits.

Shawn d'Entremont was then the top shooter in the "A" Class. See all classes below and note the number of ties, well done to all shooters.

HOA,  Steve Murphy 91/100,  $100.00 gift certificate (Lequille Country Store)

Top Senior,  Brian MacLeod  84/100,  $75.00 gift certificate (Lequille Country Store)

Top Lady, Kim Harvey 66/100, $75.00 gift certificate (Lequille Country Store)

Top Junior,  Colburn Condon 71/100, $75.00 gift certificate (Lequille Country Store)

Event Gun ( Winchester Wildcat 22lr. won  by Darren Titus

Gorman Knife was Won by Ron Foster

Several class prizes were given out to the shooters remaining at the end of day.

  The second shoot of the series is set for May 15, at the Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club.  Book your self or your  squad for remaining shoots here

Book Remaining shoots Here

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