Nova Sporting Series - Lunenburg - Sept. 05, 2021

!03 shooters gathered in 18 groups to take part in the Nova Series 

shoot held at the Lunenburg Rod & Gun Club.

It was a perfect day for such a thing, 14 women, 7 Junior shooters made up 20 % of the field.

Winners circle:

High Over All (HOA) breaking 88 of 100 targets went to Steve Murphy.

1St. Place in "A" Class with 87 breaks , Jason Bartlett.

2nd. Place "A" with 85 breaks, Chris Rafuse.

Top Lady for the day went to Tammy Murphy breaking 86 of her targets.

The top Senior ( 65 & Over)  Joe Wells breaking 83 of his 100 targets.

1 st. "B" Class was won by Merrill Goodwin, 76 targets broken.

2 nd. "B" Class ,Mike Forsythe, also 76 targets. see notes below.

1 st. P;ace "C" Class Jarrett McNeil, 69 targets.

2 nd. Place "C" Class, Dean Ogilive, 69 targets.

Top Junior Shooter, breaking 69 targets Matthieu LeBlanc.

1 st. Place "D" Class Harvey Flemming with 59 breaks.

2 nd. "B" Class Arlin Boudreau breaking 59 targets

The Event Gun, supplied by Lequille Country Store, a Winchester Wildcat,

Was drawn for and won by Mike Sabean. and the last we saw of him, he was on foot running down Fish Peddler Road trying to caught  Michelle to claim his prize. 

Note: We use the Lewis Scoring System to arrive at "Classes" and Ties are decided by longest strings

see prize monies next to winners.