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Lunenburg 2024 Series Scores May 05, 2024
Yesterday I recall someone commenting on what "a perfect day for a shoot , not to much sun, not to hot and almost no wind". Well take a look at the scores below, in over twenty years I have not seen anything
like it.  121shooters from across this Province and Country and 47 of those shooters broke 80 or more of their 100 targets.

Prize winners.

HOA (high over all) Mike Sabean with 89/100.

High Lady, Tammy Murphy with 85/100.

Top Junior, Ashton Gillis with 85/100.

Top Senior, Lenard Haughn with 84/100.

The four Lewis Classes and winners are listed below along with their longest runs. Ties are decided by longest run.

The winner of the Remington sheath Knife was Chris Hudson.

The event gun, a Remington Wildcat 22LR Rifle,

was won by Jonathan Dulmage.

Table prizes were drawn for from the shooter present.

View the complete list of shooters and their scores and where they placed below.


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