Weymouth Scores - 2021 updated 10/19

90 shooters attended and shot in light to heavy rains this past Sunday, All got soaked at one time or another, I am sure. I am please to thank those that attended all or maybe  one was all they could attend of the Series shoots, THANK YOU All.

The Series Gun , the Browning B 525 Liberty was won by Everett Powell and the event gun, the Winchester Wild Cat 22lr was won by

Daniel Coggins
Special thanks to Lequille Country Store.

Winners Circle
HOA  Steve Murphy broke 85 of a possible 100 Targets, well done.

1st. Place A Class, Jason Bartlett , Longer string of hits decided this one.
2nd. Place A Class, Mike Sabean, also 84 broken targets.
Top Shot for the Ladies, Alisha Hinges,  broke 83 of her targets,  Alisha is a very good shot.
Top Senior, Ralph Grant, with 77  of his hundred broken.
1st. Place B Class, Brian MacLeod, had the longer string in this tie.
2nd. Place B Class, Arnold Englehutt,  Brian  and Arnold both broke76 targets.
1st. Place C Class, John Mosher, John broke 68 of his 100 targets
2nd. Place C Class, Mark Amero, longer run of three tied with 67 breaks.
Top Junior, Colburg Condon, 64 Breaks, well done Condon.
1st. Place D Class, Tammy Murphy, with 60 target broken.
2nd. Place D Class, Wanda Starrett, with 58 of her target broken.

Those of you that were lucky enough to win firearms may claim them at Lequille Country Store. You must provide a valid PAL to Danny at the store.
Cash prizes can be claimed  by e-mailing me , papas@eastlink.ca  your clubs name or your mailing address.  Just hit me  EMT would be much faster, and all I need is your email address,
so I will offer it as an option.

For those that qualify for a series hat (62) as soon as they arrive  we will put the word out and instructions as to how we will get them out.
Shooter of the Year Award, Jason Bartlett, We will be in touch you. exciting Race, Thanks