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Be sure to check out the "Shooter Of The Year" race.

Sunday, June 25Th. Nova Sporting Series _ Weymouth

129 shooters attended this event.

Thanks to all 129 for coming to shoot with us. 

(This was the third of a four shoot Series, the fourth shoot will be in Weymouth on July 23.)

The High Over All (HOA) for the day went to Anthony Wambolt with a score of 86 of 100.

Top Lady shooter went to Tammy Murphy scoring 78 of 100.

Top Senior shooter was Brian MacLeod  scoring78.

Top Junior for the day was Tristan Titus scoring 70.

"A" Class   1st. Place  Jason Bartlett with a score of 84.

     2nd. Place Colton Rhind scoring 83.

               3rd. Place  Nicholas Amirault Scoring 82.

          "B" Class     1st. Place  Colburn Condon scoring 70 with LR 16.  

                                 2nd. place  Mark Forsythe scoring 70 LR13, 13

                                      3rd. place  Shawn Starrett scoring  70 LR 13, 10.

"C" Class   1st. Place  Ashton Gillis scoring 63, 11.

                   2nd. Place  Julien D'Eon scoring  63, 9.

               3rd. Place  Tony Usher scoring 63, 8 

        "D" Class   1st. Place     William Barteaux scoring 51,11.

                   2nd. Place  Glen Hartlen scoring 51, 7.  

                        3rd. Place   Marina Dulmage scoring 51, 5.

Just a quick explanation on how we break ties.

If two or more shooters have a tie ( same score ). We look at the score cards

and count the longest run of broken targets for each shooter.

Should the tie continue we check the second longest run and so on.

The Event Gun was won by Shooter #52,  Scott Melanson

The Sheath Knife was won by Shooter #252, Lloyd Ralph 

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