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Welcome to the 3 Bird Shoot.

Registration is required ( it make things so much easier).

First, go here to find a time that is best for you and is open with no names in that time space or there is room for you. In the event I get two requests for the same time slot the earliest received will prevail. If there is not a second choice I will notify you.


Second, follow the link to the Booking page from  the Squad and Time page.

Complete the form with the name of those shooting with you, your squad.

At the bottom of the page is a Special needs section.

place mouse pointer in the blue box and click, then 

enter the time slot you chose there. Also if you have anyone shooting the old gun class add their name here as an old gun shooter.

Third,  The Booking Form should now be complete click the submit button.  You are done see you on the 22 of October

To verify you have been entered, you can go back to the page wit the squads you should show up there. Any mistakes you find send me an email an I will correct them.  

It may take a few hours depending on when I receive your request.

Lets Go.

Open Range Days

Range is open Sunday's from 12:00

untill 5:00 PM


Range Rules

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