Sunday Feb. 28, 8:00 AM


 Range will open as usual. Could be muddy in places so dress accordingly . Please limit your fire side time as seats are limited,

Please fill in the Covid-19 Contact

Sheet.  Stay Safe


Thanks everyone.


COVID - 19

Due to the increasing number of cases in the province

* We ask that squads limit their           numbers to 5 or less.


* Maintain two stations distancing


* Limit your time and numbers to       five while inside or wear mask



* We recommend masks if squads     or groups exceed 5 people.

Thank you for your help containing this virus.

Joe Blackman               trophy
Open Range Days

Range is open Sunday's from 12:00

untill 5:00 PM


Range Rules

Where Eye and Ear Protection

Circuit: Samara International

Nova Shoot Series - 2021

Series is in the planning stage. All wlll hinge on Government Regs., towards public gatherings ect..

Thank you for your understanding

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