Range will re-opening Sunday June 06. @12:00 PM
Skeet and Sporting 
A new course has been set for the Sporting Clays

What few reloading supplies arrived will be ready for Pickup.
Memberships are due and will also available Sunday.

Welcome Back everyone.


New Dates for the Nova Series


Update: New dates are being worked up for a fall series.

Details will be posted as soon as they are complete.

Thank you all for your understanding. If at all possible we will bring the the series back this year.

The 2021 Nova Sporting Series will be held thanks to the Clubs, their workers, Lequille Outdoor Specialty and most important you the shooters.  Check back here for updates and important news.

The operation of the Series will be a little different this year. Each club will handle the squads and timing of the shoot, as they best know the Covid-19 guideline their club as adopted. Most clubs will receive your squad request then send you a shoot time. Please after arriving gather your squad together and go to the registry desk. It is not necessary to be present for the prizes.

Thank you for your understanding.

Where Eye and Ear Protection
Open Range Days

Range is open Sunday's from 12:00

untill 5:00 PM


Range Rules


Circuit: Samara International

Nova Shoot Series - 2021

Series is in the planning stage. All wlll hinge on Government Regs., towards public gatherings ect..

Thank you for your understanding