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Please note: Bayside Range will not be open the following dates May 05, May 19 & June 08. On June 23 we will be hosting the Nova Sporting Series.


Welcome back. I have had several issues with the site in the past few days!

We are filling spots fast for all four of the series shoots. Click " here " to look at the available spots and times. Once you find a place and time click on the link at the top pf that page to advance to the booking page. Once at the booking page fill in the form and place any special requests in the blue Box near the bottom. When complete click on the submit Button, you will see a Thank You message flash on top of the blue box. This sends me the completed form. You can check back the next day, look at the squads page and if all goes well you should be there.

Lunenburg Scores                  


   Kentville Scores


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