Covid -19 Operational Procedures

Until further notice our range will be members and their guests only.

Members must show their Proof of vaccination ( only once ).

Guests of members must be fully vaccinated no exceptions & must provide their Proof of vaccination.


Covid -19  Alert:  Beware

There has been a case or cases of Covid -19

in our area. 

The range will be open unless there are more cases reported. Please check back prior to setting out for the range to confirm we are open.

We will ask that anyone planning to shoot, for the next couple weekends anyway, to maintain a safe distance from other squads and to wear face masks.

Thank you and stay safe.

Open Range Days

Range is open Sunday's from 12:00

untill 5:00 PM


Range Rules

Where Eye and Ear Protection

Keep actions open when
moving from station to station

Nova Shoot Series - 2021

Series is in the planning stage. All wlll hinge on Government Regs., towards public gatherings ect..

Thank you for your understanding

Circuit: Samara International