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 The Bayside gun ranges will be closed until fire ban is lifted.

Important Notice

The call we were expecting just came. As a result of the wild fires raging in the Province all activities in or near the forest have been banned.

These are serious and dangerous fires with untold millions in damages.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all effected.

What this means to the Series is that all outdoor ranges have been asked to "Cease fire".

As it is unknown when the ban will be lifted, the remaining shoots in the

Nova Sporting Series have been postponed.

Please spread the word.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.

I will update as we learn more information.

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Lunenburg will not be using Score Chaser for this Shoot

If changes to the booking page do not seam to change click Your refresh button

Book your Squad ( all Shoots ) for the 2023 Nova Series.

First: Find a time slot that suitsLocations and squad times can be found here.

Second: Click here to Book your place register .

Third: in the special needs box (at the bottom of the form) enter your preferred time,  always nice to have a second choice. When you click the  "Submit Button" your info is sent to me in an e-mail. You should see a thank you Just above the Button. Check back in a day or so to see if I have added your squad and not made a mistake, I do that a lot.

Remember the email that was sent to me, it has a time stamp on it.

Should two emails request the same time slot, the earlier time stamp get it, that is why a second choice is good. Thank You  

Open Range Days

Range is open Sunday's from 12:00

untill 5:00 PM


Range Rules

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