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80 shooters braved the 30 degree weather today to take part in the 3Bird Shoot held in Weymouth.

It was very warm yesterday, Much better this morning, 10 degrees cooler. A special thank you to all the shooters that shot with us yesterday. 

HOA (High over all ) went to Anthony Wambolt who broke 91 of 100 Targets.

Top Lady was Alisha Hines with71 broken targets.

Top Junior was Colburn Condon breaking 74 of his 100 targets.

Top Senior shooter was Alvin Boudreau with 80 breaks.

For the Break down of shooters into classes we use the "Lewis System".

In the event of ties we use the Longest Run (LR-#) to do this we take the score sheets for those tied and count their longest string of breaks without a miss. 

"A" Class winner, Rich Johnson with 84 breaks.

2ND. Place , Tyler Weaver 82 breaks.

"B" Class Winner, David Foster 71 breaks.

2ND. Place, Rick Babineau also with 71 breaks. 

"C" Class winner, Julien d'Eon , 61 broken targets.

2ND. Place, Rejean Theriault, 61 breaks.

The  Grand Prize, a Winchester Wildcat 22 LR.  donated  by Danny at Lequille Country Store.

(All shooters received one ticket on entry and one additional ticket if they were successful in breaking the last 4 targets of the day which required a reload.)

Was won by Shooter number 117 Randy d'Entremont.

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