The Covid - 100, 2021

Hosted by Bayside Shooting Sports

Made possible with the support of Danny Ritchie and all the people at Lequille Country store,,

All the help provided by the members of our Association,

and the Seventy-six shooters that attended.

The winners circle:

Class                 Place                Name                           Prize

Junior              Top Shot         Matthieu Leblanc     $ 25.00 Cash

Top Lady        Top Lady         Wanda Starratt         $ 25.00 Cash

"C" Class     1st Place      Jamie Gillis           $ 60.00 Cash             

                   2nd. Place    Don Troop             $ 40.00 Cash 

"B" Class     1st Place      Sean MacPhee      $ 60.00 Cash  

                            2nd Place     David Foster          $ 40.00 Cash

"A" Class     1st Place      Joseph Lantz         $ 60.00 Cash

                   2nd Place     Mike Sabean         $ 40.00 Cash

HOA           High over all      Brian Betts            $ 100.00 Cash

   Draw for the Bolt Action Repeater, Donated  by Lequell Country     Store, was won by Andrew Weaver.

(Everyone that shot had 1 ticket in the draw

plus those that hit the reload target on #8 had an additional 2 tickets)


Classes found using the " Lewis System" . Ties were decided on the longest runs.