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Oct 23, 2022, Autumn Classic

Many thanks to the 77 shooters that attended this years classic and those that made it all possible with their hard work and devotion.

HOA ( High Over All ) for the day, Anthony Wambolt with a  score of 94. $100.00

Top Old Gun Shooter Denver Doucette shot a 79.  $50.00

Top Senior Shooter , Lenard Haughn with a score of 84.  $50.00

Top Lady of the day, Wanda Starrett with a score of 73.   $50.00

Top Junior today, Tristan Titus scoring 77.   $50.00

"A" Class First Place ,Bruce Quinlan scored 91.   $50.00

2nd. Place went to Mark Amero Scoring 87.   $25.00

"B" Class First Place, Dan Goodwin with a score of 75.  $50.00 

2nd. Place went to Justin Hines scoring 75.   $25.00

"C" Class First Place, Chris Boudreau with a score of 65.   $50.00

2nd. Place went to Ken D'Eon scoring 64.   $25.00

Ties were settled with the shooters Longest ( LR## )

I do not have on file emails or civic address for any of the shooters.

 if you are a winner please click on this link  include name and mailing address i will send out your prize money. Thanks 


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