Eye protection should always be wore when on the Range Hearing protection should be worn when shooting or near shooting. If the blast from the shotguns disrupt your conversation, wear hearing protection.

  • Maximum gauge shotgun permitted for use is 12 gauge.

The shooting stands are designed to limit the swing of of the shooter. By extending your swing by reaching out and around the stand you could present a danger to other shooters on the course.

  • Always unload before exiting the shooting stand..

Shot size refers to the size of the pellets contained in the shell. The larger the  shot number the small the shot is. Larger pellets will travel further and therefore carry a greater danger at longer ranges. Shot sizes of 7.5, 8 and 9 are the safest and are more than efficient for breaking the clay targets.

  • Maximum size shot permitted is # 7.5.
  • Maximum speed of shot is 1200 fps, or 3.5 Drams or Handicap loads.

Sporting Clay's,  Skeet & Trap

Shot speed relates to distance the shot will travel, as presented targets are at relativelty close range shot speeds faster are of no advantage and only serve to make more noise, cause the shooter discomfort and increase safety zones.

To comply with this range approval requirement Please click on the link below and complete the short test designed to show you knowledge of these rules, Thank you

  • Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

  • All shooters new to the range must show that they have have been made aware of the Range Rules and a record must be kept.

After shooting your targets and prior to leaving the shooting stand, make sure that your firearm is unloaded, it is recommend that you show the empty action to the range office and fellow shooters, by simply hold the action up and toward the remaining shooters..

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Show respect for both firearms and fellow shooters on the range, when caring your firearm keep it unloaded and with the action open. You will be looked upon as an experinced range shooter.

Always move about the course with a empty gun and keep the actions open. Everyone will respect you and feel at ease shooting with you, You will gain the respect and trust of the other shooters.

410, 28, 16, and 12 gauge are the only gauge shotguns permitted on the range. 10 gauge and larger as well as rifles are prohibitedfrom use on the range.

Bayside Shooting Sports Range Rules

  • Minimum barrel length permitted on the range is 26 inches.
  • Only load your firearm after entering the shooting stand .
  • Do not defeat the limits imposed by the shooting stand.
  • Maximum numbers of shell permitted to be loaded is limited to two.

As presented targets are either singles, report pairs or true pairs and only one shot per target is permitted the maximum number of shot allowed to be loaded is limited to two, that way you are less likely to come out of the stall with a loaded firearm.

  • Eye and Ear Protection are mandatory

As the range is located with some residential homes close by, and short barrel shotguns tend to be louder than the longer barreled gun, to limit noise pollution we restrict barrel length to a minimum of 26 inches.