Sporting Clay's,



Bayside Shooting

Civic: 128 Doty Branch, Ashmore, Nova Scotia, B0W3T0

Nova Sporting Clay's Series
"17 Years"

Yes this year we are celebrating our 17TH. year. We started out as a conversation between Barry Faulkner and Joe Blackman ( Deceased) on their way to Kentville, where they attended a shoot. The talk centered around uniting four clubs to present a series of sporting clay's shoots.
Barry & Joe were both envolved with Ducks Unlimited and the series was to be a fund raised for that orginazition. Ducks Unlimited soon lost interest and a new sponsor was found, Lequille Country Store, a full line Browning dealer. The profits ,if any, would be returned to the four clubs.

The clubs originally involved were, Yarmouth -  the Highland Gun Club, Weymouth - Bayside, The Greenwood Rod and Gun and Kentville - Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club. Please remember that back in those day Sporting Clay's was a new shotgun sport in Nova Scotia and the clubs were poorly set up for this new "Game". The Greenwood club, being located on the Military Base at Greenwood was ordered to go to steel shot only. This spelled near disaster for the club and made it necessary for them to drop out of the series. The Lunenburg Rod and Gun Club picked up the opening and the series was on again.

The idea was to have good prizes and lots of them while keeping the cost as low as possible.
We were also interested in the new shooters, that why we use the Lewis system and draw for all prizes with the exception  of HOA, ( High Over ALL ) of the each event. Last year we added two additional classes, one for the junior shooters ( under 18 years of age ) and one for the ladies over 18 years of age. Our grand prize is open to all and tickets are earned by attending, one ticket for your first shoot, two for your second shoot, three for your third shoot and four for your fourth shoot. This means that any one shooter can have between one and ten tickets depending on number of shoots attended. We have had several winners who only attended one shoot. The Grand prize is usually a $4000.00 dollar Browning Over & Under shotgun. We also give, by draw, an event gun at each of the four shoots from those attending that shoot. To date we have given away over 56 firearms with a value nearing $95,000.00.

The Series has grown to say the least. The shoots are now averaging +140 shooters per event with the top number of 169 attending the final shoot in Weymouth. This makes us the largest one day shooting event in the Maritime ( if not of Canada).  We now draw regular shooters from New Brunswick and PEI and have had shooters from Newfoundland, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and as far away as Great Brittain. One could say that we have reached International status .