Sporting Clay's,



Bayside Shooting Sports Association

128 Doty Branch, Ashmore, Nova Scotia

Bayside Shooting

Civic: 128 Doty Branch, Ashmore, Nova Scotia, B0W3T0

Range Open

Link to the list of firearms made illegal with yesterdays ban.  Listed / Banned Firearms

Check Out,Read and Please Sign the Petition against the the latest move by the Government of Canada, on so called Gun Control.

We Have reopened the sporting clay range,

Please read the following condition and we ask that you follow them.

1) Upon arrival remain in your vehicle, have one of          your group bring a list of your squad to the club house

2) Limit Squads to 5 people only. Including anyone that may be viewing.

3) When station 1 & 2 are empty take your turn at station 1

3) Maintain a minimun of one empty station between quads.

4) When finished shooting have one squad member bring the fees ( or Cards) to the club house.

Stay Safe and enjoy the shooting.

Looking for a place to shoot in the Atlantic area.

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