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civic: 128 Doty Branch, Ashmore, Nova Scotia, B0W3T0

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Feb. 24, 2017

Penson tells me that the range will be open this Sunday Feb.26. Keep in mind that there is still lots of snow on the ground so wear the appropriate footwear.

Feb. 14, 2017

It may seam a little early to cancel for this weekend , however Penson tells me you all have plenty of snow and more to come. So we will declare this weekend a lost. Seams a shame as here in Arozina I am shoting in a tee shirt at 9:00 in the morning.

Feb, 11, 2017

I put up the 2017 shootschedule last evening, however there seams to be an issue in August, the list I have has two of the Atlantic Series Shoots on for the same day. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

Feb. 10, 2017

Looking like the range will be snowed in, we will close for this weekend, sorry.

The date for the Nova Sporting Series have been set.

April 23 Kentville

May 07, Lunenburg

June 03, Yarmouth

and Weymouth June 18.


Range Rules

* Treat All Firearm as thought they were loaded

*  Eye & ear protection are mandatory

2017 Shoot Schedule